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Welcome to! We are inspectors who specialize in commercial inspections. We offer decades of real life experience. We are familiar with all types of buildings. We inspect HVAC systems, boilers, water heaters, electric systems, transformers, swimming pools. We also inspect roofing, estimate remaining life, and replacement costs. We will travel to accommodate your inspection needs.

Now offering Phase 1 ESA - a phase 1 environmental site assessment is a report prepared for a real estate holding that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The analysis, often called an ESA, typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical improvements to the property






Commercial Building Inspection Services

What is a Commercial Building Inspection?

We understand the delicate nature of a building sale or triple net lease and will conduct ourselves in a discreet manner, keeping the discussions with tenants or employees to a minimum.

In the past we described our inspections as an insurance inspection to minimize tenant or employee concerns.

Commercial building inspections are a vital part of ensuring the safety and efficiency of business operations. These inspections are not exclusive to new construction projects, but are necessary for old buildings as well. By conducting an inspection, businesses can ensure that their structures remain secure and efficient over time.

Property inspections can provide valuable insight into the functionality and safety of a building, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions about repairs and upgrades. Furthermore, they can help to identify potential hazards that might endanger tenants or other occupants. Through inspections, stakeholders can coordinate with contractors to ensure efficient resolution of any issues that may arise.


A commercial building inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of any property or structure intended for business use, such as cafes, retail stores, warehouses, factories, office buildings, residential units (including multi-family and single-family dwellings), and restaurants. The purpose of the assessment is to determine its suitability for generating revenue from operations or rental income.

Commercial building inspections are designed to detect any potential problems related to the structural integrity of a property. It is recommended that they are done on a regular basis, but they are typically conducted during the pre- or post-tenancy, as well as when a property is being bought or sold.

The acquisition of a commercial property is a substantial investment, and thus additional steps are necessary in order to ensure the security of the building owners' investment and to guarantee that the tenant or buyer is purchasing a space that properly meets their needs. This is especially pertinent for commercial property investment in the post-COVID era.

A commercial building inspection can provide invaluable insights into the true condition of a property, including any necessary remedial work or ongoing maintenance costs. Such inspections are essential during various stages of the transaction process, as well as throughout the lifecycle of a building.

Our Services include: PCA, Commercial Inspection, Due Diligence Inspection, Pre-Lease inspection, Schedules of all equipment. Cost estimates, with separated long term and short term costs are also included.

Cost Estimate Example

As part of our building inspection services, we also provide a cost estimate for your review. 

Commercial Building Inspection Cost Estimate
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HVAC Inspection

HVAC Inspections

On Commercial properties with multiple systems, We provide a schedule of all HVAC and water heating equipment. Each piece of equipment has a recommendation based on its age and condition.

Building Types we inspect routinely:
Condominium Associations, Medical Offices, Retirement Centers, First Aid Squads, Funeral Homes, Community & Senior Centers, Shopping Centers, Strip Malls , Retail Stores, Banks & Financial Institutions, Churches, Manufacturing Sites, Medial Facilities, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Restaurants and Diners, Hotels , Motels, Hospitality, Banquet / Catering Halls, Veterinary Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Professional Offices, Commercial Building Inspections, Apartment Buildings, Multi-Family Dwellings, Daycare Centers, Schools & Educational Institutions, Warehouses, Commercial Office Buildings, Automobile Dealerships, Multifamily Housing

Property Condition Assessments

We perform thorough reviews of existing buildings to determine their current physical condition. Property Condition Reports are done according to the standards set by ASTM E2018. We work with qualified experts in many trades for evaluations, cost projections.

All of our inspections include:

Detailed estimates of all short term and long term repairs or improvements.
Detailed Schedules of equipment. With recommendations for each piece of equipment. 

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